Our Committee - 2020-2021




President Sean Davis president@warringahasc.com.au
Vice President Brad Higgsvicepresident@warringahasc.com.au
Secretary Ariel Darley admin@warringahasc.com.au
Treasurer Clay Melbourn treasurer@warringahasc.com.au
Registrar Gill Cuthbert registrar@warringahasc.com.au
Equipment Officer
Sean Lawrenceuniforms@warringahasc.com.au
Publicity Officer
Amanda Vance
Volunteer Coordinator
Gill Cuthbert
Sponsorship Coordinator Karlea Harris sponsorship@warringahasc.com.au
Individual MemberJo Smith 
Individual Member
Lisa Clark
Member Protection Information OfficerVacant 



Committee meetings are held monthly or bi-monthly. Members are welcome to attend meetings. Please contact our secretary for meeting dates.


2020 AGM


Warringah Aquatic Swim Club Inc AGM was held online via video conference at 7:00pm on Tuesday 5th May, 2020.  At the AGM, all current committee positions were  declared vacant and elections held to fill those positions.   



It takes many, many volunteer hours to make our Club run smoothly and efficiently.  There are multiple roles that make up our committee and we are always looking for help in some way or another.  If you are interested in learning more about the roles within our committee, please click each link below.


Nominations are accepted at the AGM each year.  The 2021 AGM will be held in May, 2021, date to be confirmed.


President (Office Bearer)

Vice President (Office Bearer)

Secretary (Office Bearer)

Treasurer (Office Bearer)

Public Officer


Equipment Officer

Member Protection Information Officer

Sponsorship Coordinator

Publicity Officer

Volunteer Coordinator


AGM Minutes


2019 AGM Minutes

2020 AGM Minutes (Draft)